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From Scroll Lib Foundation founder

Commerce is fine. Advertising is not evil. We have been trying that it doesn’t belong here.
We are trying it to make a place we can all go to think, to learn, to share our knowledge with others.
We’ve been working hard to make it a non-profit foundation and trying our best to fulfill our mission efficiently.

Not everyone can or will donate and that’s fine.

This year, please consider making a donation of whatever you can to protect and sustain Scroll Lib Foundation.

Where your donation goes

Technology: Servers, bandwidth, maintenance, development. We have been working to make this one of the top 10 websites in the world, and can run on a fraction of what other top websites spend.

People and Projects: The other top websites have thousands of employees. We are just 1 to support a wide variety of projects, making your donation a great investment in a highly-efficient not-for-profit organisation.



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